Why do Online Businesses Fail? And How Does One Ensure That They Don’t?

I don’t think I’ve ever kept count of how many times my online business has had to overcome adversity and failure. At times it was my fault, at other times, it was circumstances that I couldn’t control and had to basically move forward.

Recently, I had another big problem hit me, which didn’t really “kill” the business, but it did bring down profits substantially (doubt digits, easy…). Each time these things happen, I get more and more used to it, but I also think about all the other people who have their own online businesses or try to start them that also fail and I decided to write about how to deal with them.

Understand that problems are inevitable in internet marketing.

Like life, there’s going to be plenty of moments where something happens that throws you off. In online business the unexpected happens. 

It could be a site hack.

It could be a complaint.

It could that whatever you were selling is no longer working.

Some business you were associated with closed their relations with you, ect…

These are all unexpected things that I’ve had to go through as did many of the successful businessmen. It will happen. Though I have done things to help ensure a stable growth in my business, on the road to doing so, I’ve had and continue to hit problems often. 

Most people let these guaranteed problems stop them and unfortunately in my opinion, it can be one of the main reasons people fail in this industry. 

You need to create stability and you do that by having 1 back up website: 

  • No matter what you do in the world of internet marketing.
  • No matter what experiments you run your online business through.
  • No matter what other ventures you decide to try…

It is essential to your financial survival in this world that you always have at least 1 back up website that follows a proven approach to creating consistent income and let it be the one page that you know is “hedged” from most problems. 

In my case, I went through a course at Wealthy Affiliate which helped me build a stable niche website. Although I worked a ton more on it than any other websites in the past and I did it with a different strategy and mindset , investing all that time and all that work into it helped it grow into a website that didn’t fail like the other experimental websites/projects I had in the past.

Niche websites, especially those that are properly done are going to be the stability you need to have to survival in the internet marketing world. Everything else in my experience is just a hustle that’s going to fail.

Most people want to have a website that provides financial stability, but at the same time, most of these people don’t go through the stable approach to doing that and end up doing the same things I did which is experiment and play around with unstable strategies. This is why many of them fail…

Make that niche site, put in the work and you will have something to fall back on should something else not work.

Unless you have experience and know what to do, don’t throw down a lot of money:

I constantly hear and know of people who invest or partake in startups, pyramid schemes, programs that cost thousands, hire people to build their sites for just as much money, ect…

In many cases, most of these people are completely new to this world, but they feel that just because they have an idea, as long as they pay the right people or can potentially get a good ROI, that they can risk spending a lot.

Unfortunately this is another one of the biggest reasons many online businesses fail. You just can’t succeed in this world without putting in your own, hard work. Each time you outsource the hard part…

You remove the learning experience. 

When it comes to working on the content of your site, I am sternly for you figuring it out. Sure, you can get help on building your website or handling something totally unrelated to the site such as coding or technical things, but for the actual growing experience, you need to go through that yourself, not pay someone to do it.

Note: There are times when you can and should hire people to write, but for your first page that you are working on to become the main bringer of money, you have to be the one that writes everything.

You will also never get a quality result from those places you outsourced to…

Failure and doing things yourself and going through the adversities makes the successful business man. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment in internet marketing:

While I’ve already listed the most stable option, throughout your time experiencing working on your business, you will want to see and test new strategies, which you should, but unless:

  • They are black hat.
  • It involves paying money for something you aren’t experienced with or don’t have.
  • Or you don’t have a money making niche site to fall back on if the experiment/s fail, don’t try them at all.

When all things go wrong, go back to what worked in the beginning!

Let’s say you built your niche site and it grew to be successful. You then decided to test things and something went wrong, your website failed and there was nothing you could do…

This is the worst thing that can happen and really, it’ll be extremely rare. In most cases, this can be caused by a hacking of the site or doing something black hat on it.

Whatever it is, if it happens, as long as you know what it took to reach the successful and stable results with one site, you can use it for the next. 

I also recommend eventually getting another niche site and more if it’s possible to really have more than one stable option available. 

My final thoughts: 

I want to share with you what happened regarding that recent problem I talked about earlier where I said I lost a lot of profits.

Basically what happened was that I had 2 niche websites I created and while most of their success came through SEO, about 20% or more came from PPC. The PPC network from which it came from recently suspended my account for some unexplained circumstances and just like that, the profits from that branch went to zero.

While the hit to my profits was hard and I am trying to resolve that problem presently, if it weren’t for my niche site that is still bringing in other traffic from SEO, the entire site would have completely failed.

I still have 80% of the site and it’s profits to fall back on and even if it he PPC option never comes back again, I will know what I need to do to build it back up.

And like I said, I’ve had many, MANY moments where these things happened. The first time it’ll happen to you, don’t let it scare you into quitting. And in all honesty, again, to ensure a successful financial future in online business, make yourself a niche site. It’ll protect you from the majority of bad things that happen to other site owners who don’t put in the time to make them.

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  1. Adam

    I couldn’t agree more with a backup. I don’t do anything without a backup plan. As far as building websites, I feel it’s just like any business in that you need a solid foundation to build on. You should be specialized enough to be an expert but diversified enough to withstand the issues that pop up in any business. Marketing is always the key to success and can make or break you.

  2. Medu

    Hey Vitaliy,

    The point about putting in work and developing one stable website cannot be emphasized enough.

    It’s very important, especially as someone who’s just starting to explore possibilities online, to follow every bit of the learning process and play it safe. This entails a lot of work, time, patience and positivity.

    I have just started working on my second website, a year and half after putting in work solely on my first website. The first website has grown in traffic, rankings and authority within this time and will continue to do so.

    Regardless of what happens with this second site, which is a small niche site, at least I know there’s still my first site which I got right. I’m trying a few things in my second site to learn what works, and what doesn’t.

    Thanks for this post!

  3. Diana

    Hi Vitaly,

    This post is a hard lesson many of us fail to learn from. I remember when I received my first ever negative comment on my website. I was so upset, I didn’t respond for two days(bad I know). I felt defeated, like maybe this internet marketing thing wasn’t for me. and that maybe this person didn’t see me as a credible source in my niche. Luckily I got over it and decided to respond as courteous and honest as possible; I’ve seen other site owners intimidate and curse at people.

    But yes, I agree that there are many obstacles we face in this business and the stability and consistency of our work will help us maintain a sustainable income. I believe staying focused on one project at a time is also important. At one point I was trying to run five different websites and they weren’t as successful as I wanted them to be because I was spreading myself too thin. This business isn’t just about money, it’s about helping people.

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Nate

    Hi Vitaliy,

    I’m of the exact same opinion, having at least one website online that will bring you in a stable income is vital!

    It’s your safety net in case of the unforseeen with your other revenue streams/ websites and having that stable income allows you to experiment and try different things with your future websites, which may enable you to grow all your future websites exponentially.

  5. Paul

    Hey Vitaliy,

    I so agree about putting together the content yourself. It’s been such a great learning experience, and sometimes a little frustrating on how to insert some content into pages where coding is needed.

    I agree, I would never allow anyone to write for me, I enjoy doing it myself. I do have a question for you. Do you find it difficult with everyday life and work involved to make time to find that great content? What are your best practices?

    I haven’t looked into PPC, and actually just learned what it is, and would love your insight on what you think is good on it vs. what is not so good? I wish your useful information would have been something I found awhile back…


    • Vitaliy

      Hi Paul, trust me, if a niche site is making you money, you WILL find the time to devote to it. In terms of practice, I try to be open minded about the content ideas I can write on, but generally, if I can make a list of keywords and topics before writing them, it makes it a lot easier.

      Regarding PPC, the best practice in my opinion is going through Bing and Google Adwords and only targeting product reviews you write.

  6. Bri

    Thank you. You clarified and reinforced a lot of what I have been thinking and wondering myself. I am brand new to online business and through a lot of my researching of what to do and how, I have seen a lot of things that haven’t made much sense to me. Outsourcing everything was a big one. I have decided to build a strong solid niche site so I’m very, very happy to hear this is the most stable way to go for the long haul and all the hard work will be worth it. Great article. Thanks. Bri.

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