Which Is Better? Wealthy Affiliate Or Bring The Fresh?

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for nearly 6 years and a member of Bring The Fresh for 2 years. I have great insider knowledge into both programs and would like to share with you what you’ll get from both organizations as well as which one is better to choose.

Firstly, I’d like to point out that I have rated both organizations on a 1-10 star scale based on many factors, but the most important were:

  • Their training.
  • Their support. 

Bring the Fresh earned 5 stars out of 10, while Wealthy Affiliate earned 9 out of 10. This is a HUGE difference in comparison, but here are my experiences with each organization:

My experience with Bring The Fresh (BTF):

I joined this place in early 2011. I was recommended BTF through a trusted member. At the time, BTF provided A LOT of helpful information. It contained a fast start guide which helped you get your own site up and running as well as step-by-step instructions on how to properly install wordpress and make your webpage SEO friendly. It then provided incredible SEO tips. I have personally experienced great success through their SEO strategies. 

BTF also provided a forum where you could ask questions and get help/support for problems at any time. These were the 2 major benefits (I was a full disclosure) member. 

But then things began to sink. Mike Long (one of the owners) left and the site began to lose it’s fuel. The fast start guide began to look cheap and outdated. It’s methods weren’t helping me as much anymore and BTF began offering A LOT of upsells as a part of the membership.

After awhile it felt as though my membership only gave me access to a fast start guide and a forum, not much else. The ‘real” secrets to this organization or at least how they made it sound was in their upsells, which I’d like to point out can cost you anywhere from $100’s to $1,000’s (no joke). 

This addition to the site cheapened my experience at BTF. I did utilize some of their services but to little avail. In fact they caused me more harm than good. Overall towards the end of my membership there (I was kicked out, and you’ll never guess why). Here is my full story on that! In short, my experience with BTF started of good, but then quickly went downhill. I was not one of their happy members.

My experience with Wealthy Affiliate:

I joined this organization before Bring The Fresh even existed. I am to this day a loyal member because I have been more than happy with the level of service, training and care they provide me.

What you need to know is that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a legitimate and straight up organization that teaches you to make successful websites/online businesses through ethical/proven methods of marketing.

Out of all the places I have had dealings with (Bring The Fresh included), WA offered the best training for me. What sort of training? 

Well for one they have 2 very important tutorials:

Online certification course: This is a 4 phase (10 lessons each) guide on how to build a successful niche website. You get to pick which niche you want to promote and this guide explains exactly how to get started, from building your first website (which they by the way offer for free), to how to write content to get sales, to getting tons of traffic. 

Affiliate Bootcamp: This is similar but is a 5 phase (10 lessons each) guide on how to create a hugely successful website. One of WA’s owners (Kyle) shows you how he created a website which gets over 30,000 visitors a month and a lot in profit. This course is built around how to create the same kind of website with the same kind of success. 

Some major things WA has which BTF does not:

  • Video training. 
  • Weekly webinars. 
  • Guides and tutorials on all forms of marketing: Local, SEO, Email marketing, PPC, ect…
  • A 24-7 online chat to ask for help at anytime.
  • Actual ability to talk and get 1 on 1 coaching from the owners of the site and ask them questions. They actually care about you and this means A LOT to me. 
  • Free website builder and unlimited free hosting. You can get 2 websites. More info.
  • You can join the starter membership for free (no cc or personal info required).


 Which is Better?

My opinion is that Wealthy Affiliate is much better. They are several classes above BTF in many aspects, including the training, support and the fact that their methods of marketing are up to date and ethical.

BTF had more of a get rich quick scheme and to this day endorses methods which I personally believe will do more harm than good to your website. As someone who has been on the receiving end of the side effects BTF services can bring you, I know what I’m talking about.

As for Wealthy Affiliate, their methods have remained true. They don’t use any shady tactics to get you to join them, nor do they ever teach you to use them. Their training is all about providing the user quality content and having that be your ticket to success at online marketing. Most of the money I have made in this business has been through their training and is it because of that as well as many other factors that I believe Wealthy Affiliate is way better than Bring The Fresh. 

See my Bring The Fresh review (it’s quite a horror story).

See my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Have you been a member of either of these places? If so, please share your experiences below!

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