The Number 1 Mistake All Beginners to Internet Marketing Make.

Having been in the internet marketing world for many years & as well as around a lot of people also trying to make it in this industry, there is 1 common mistake I notice every beginner (and veterans!) make. I am guilty of doing this as well. What is it? 

It’s the “get rich quick” mindset. It happens to 99.9% of us. Whether it’s internet marketing, other subjects, some other idea, opportunity, people always look for the quickest ways to get results. And in this particular case, the get rich quick mentality is what is going to most likely lead to failure, and fast. 

When I first began learning this industry in 2006, my first taste into this world was through a product that promised to show me how one person made $1,000’s in a week using a “proven system” of marketing. At the time, being completely new to this world and a nearly broke college student looking to make ends meet, I was immediately hooked and wanting to know more. 

I purchased the product for a measly $7, read through it, was astounded by the information in it and was jumping around in joy with new ideas popping into my head. I did take full advantage of the program’s offer’s and advice and after weeks of working on a very long e-book, I was hoping I would re-create the same success the man who sold me this product did. 

Imagining money rolling in, my school tuition being handled and me never having to work again (Hey I was young and naive), I set everything up as it was instructed and waited for the success to come rolling in. Well what ended up happening was nothing short of a major failure. 

After so much time spent investing into this product, I only made 1 sale. This earned me $27, which I essentially spent countless hours working on. You can see the entire story here, but this gave my first very important lesson in online marketing: Don’t let the get rich quick mentality get you. 

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, which is still my #1 recommendation, I imagined I’d only have to learn a few tricks and tips and again the money would come rolling in. I was told even then (6 years ago!) that this is NOT how this works. That there is no such thing as a get rick quick scheme. Yet I didn’t listen and only took learned from that place what stood out to me as important training.

Did that yield good results? No. It wasn’t until the failure’s fell on top of one another, that I finally had enough, sat down and started going through every single piece of training there was, ever letter, every single little piece of information I could understand. It was only after that acknowledgment of the reality of internet marketing that I finally saw my first sales coming in. 

Does luck ever play a role in internet marketing? 

Yes & no. In fact one of my biggest success stories came from sheer dumb luck (technically). I was browsing around a diet website one day in late 2010, and saw an advertisement for a new diet (17 day diet) that came out. After I looked up some numbers, I saw the popularity of this diet was off the charts. 

I set up a website and started promoting it through paid advertising. Long story short, this would end up making me nearly $200,000 for the course of 2011. Full story.

Was it all luck through really? The answer is yes and no.

Yes it was sheer luck that I found this diet in the first place. Although I would attribute some of it to the fact that i was utilizing proper research methods.

It was NOT luck that I found out that diet was very popular. That came from the training I utilized from my #1 recommendation.

It was NOT luck that I took advantage of this discovery. Setting up a website and preparing it in a way that would make sales is not something that comes from luck. It comes from training and understanding how to build websites and how to properly write on it that will compel visitors to buy whatever it is I am offering. 

So while the initial stage came by accident, what followed was not. And that is something everyone reading this needs to understand and that is…

If you have the will, you need the proper guidance to make it happen. Having the will is not enough to succeed in this business. Having the proper guidance on the other hand is. Without the proper guidance I received, I would have never been able to take advantage of the project in this story and profit off it. 

To this day I still people coming in and out my #1 recommended place asking pretty much the same questions:

  • “What’s the fastest way to make money online”
  • “I need FAST results!” 

And other quotes along those lines, but I think you get the point. These people, as long as they stay in that mindset will make the same mistakes I did and even worse, buy into scams which promise them tons of success in quick time. 

You’ve seen them all. The get rich quick programs that brag about how much you can make. The ones which manipulate that hope you have in order to get money from you. This is how these businesses succeed. Make empty promises that play to your dreams, using keywords such as easy, automated, ect…, get your money and take off, or offer useless training that gets you nowhere. 

Turning failure into success:

Now that I’m done with this “rant”, it’s time to move into what you can do to succeed. 

1. Get proper guidance. I assume since you’re reading this, you already have the will to succeed. The only thing as I said you still need is the proper guidance to show you where to go and what to do. This is where I recommend and will always recommend this place

To date, out of all the scams and failed projects I’ve been involved in, that was the only place which told me the right way to do things. The problem was I didn’t listen to them. 

2. Get rid of the “get rich quick” mentality. It doesn’t happen in this business, nor any other. And if by luck you ever see quick results, they will just as quickly vanish as they appeared. I’m talking about stability and to earn that, you need to work hard in this business, just like any other.

3. Be open minded and don’t focus so much on the money making aspect. Another common mistake people make is that they are worried about making mistakes when doing internet marketing, especially if they are new. I still get this feeling every now and then so I completely understand how hard it is, but I do find from personal experience the projects I have little care for and just experiment with (using proper training!) work out far better than the ones which I place so much “hope” on. 

When utilizing internet marketing training, always do it in a way in which you’re exploring and discovering new things. Be ready to make mistakes, because those will be the most important lessons than the ones where you succeed. In addition aim to help people through your internet marketing projects. Without that, you won’t have trust. Without trust you won’t have sales. 

4. Be prepared to fail. In the offline world of businesses, it is said that 90% fail in the first year. This is no different in internet marketing and even more so likely because this is a whole other world, yet the same principals of proper guidance and hard work also apply here too! 

The beauty of online business however is that you can get started with it for absolutely nothing and the risks are much less than if it were in the offline world, if of course you know the way and I already showed you where that is. Hint hint. 🙂

Out of all my projects in internet marketing, I’d say less than 10% of them were ever successful, but it only takes 1 to create a stable, supplementary and even lucrative income. And to make that 1 (or more) successful projects happen, utilize the proper training and the tips I recommended. Believe me, you’ll save yourself a ton of headaches, time and money. 

And even then, understand that NOTHING in this world is absolute. You can do everything right and it may not work out. That’s ok. Be prepared to move on if that’s the case. I did when I failed. 

5. Be patient! This one is huge. It goes back to that quick mentality people have. Building a successful online business isn’t something that happens in days, or weeks and in many cases months. I made this mistake more times than I could count. Always be patient and get guidance that you’re headed in the right direction (you already know where to get it). Sometimes you could do everything right and all that’s left is time for it to take effect.

I can’t promise all these tips will work for you. But they will make things a lot easier, that I can promise. I’m certainly not perfect. I have and still make mistakes. No one is perfect. Internet marketing and being successful in anything is something that works like evolution. You learn, more forward, adapt and eventually & hopefully succeed. So get on it 🙂

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  1. John

    Yes It is easy to fall into the get rich quick mindset as it is what everyone wants, but the key is making the mindset shift to focus on creating value!

    • Vitaliy

      You may be right John. For every person it’s different, but creating value is certainly a big part of success in online marketing. Without it there is no credibility behind your work.

  2. Kendrick

    The get rich quick mind set seems to be there in everyone when they start out. I was like that before lol.
    That was before I found WA!

  3. James W D

    You point out a lot of solid information here. Having the right mindset is a major factor in being able to succeed in anything. Thanks for the pointers.

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