SEO in 2017: Will Anything Change? Will it Still Work The Same?

With the first official post of 2017 (Happy New Year by the way!), I’d like to address the one topic and question that comes up for most internet marketers, every single time the new year hits and it always has to do with SEO and if it’ll work this year, next year, the years to come, ect… 

The answer for is a very short…YES. However, if you are one of the people who are constantly worried that it will change and/or are the one/s who ask it over and over, I think you’re really missing the point and giving yourself an unnecessary headache…

Admit it, is this what you think changes with SEO each year…

I think people who at least know something about ranking sites or trying to make money online who don’t get too much success are the ones who ask this question most often and they seem to believe that each year, it’s as though Google “resets” it’s algorithms in one way or another, creates a new playing field and people have to relearn it. 

This is simply NOT true and it leads to many people worrying unnecessarily and from my experienced being pushed into places and programs which promise you the “truth” and “solution” but end up being garbage programs.

If the theory of the “reset” were actually true, it would be absolutely chaotic for marketers, Google and people browsing the web and it would be totally counterproductive for the one who makes the most from this: Google.  

Rather than a “reset”, what is actually happening is that you see an evolution in Google, it’s algorithm and a new update ON TOP of the previous one aiming to close loopholes, improve visitor browsing experiences and give people who follow the rules and make good websites a higher ranked website. 

In short, SEO in 2017 continues to look like this and there is absolutely NO reason or evidence to suggest that it doesn’t or won’t. So if what you’re being told from whoever is not close to what that tutorial I just linked you does, stay away from them…

But rather than look at the sites and people who theorize, it’s better to look at successful sites, see where they were last year, how they’re doing this year and based of that, make an educated assessment and with that being said…

How has my site been doing since the New Year?

It’s been fine. I haven’t blogged as much since the holidays and my traffic did fall, but that was because of the actual holiday and people’s focus away from business and work and more on celebrations, but as soon as January 2nd hit, BOOM, back on with the traffic:

My sales numbers were down as well during the holiday period, but again, once post New Years hit, it all came up. In addition, other sites I’ve had also experience the same rebound before the holidays, specifically a weight loss site I’ve been running for about 2 years and the sales too exploded back:

Obviously this is always a happy time for me since a lot of people make resolutions, start up on new ventures, ideas, and make attempts at improving themselves, hence they go back on Google and look up various ways to do the improvements they seek. 

This leads them back to weight loss and online marketing sites like mine and it all comes back. 

However, one thing you may not have noticed which is the critical point I purposely left out…

If SEO changed this year, why am I still getting the same traffic and rankings? The answer is it didn’t, it hasn’t changed at all, what worked before still works. And furthermore, it is a stimulus to continue the same way.

Who shouldn’t worry this year: The ones who follow core principals:

Anyone who…

Creates a website with great content.

Creates blog posts/pages targeting low competition keywords.

Gets social engagement and comments on their site naturally.

These are the people who will continue to have their sites thrive this year and the next. If you are doing one or more of these things, rest assured, you’re fine, Google will appreciate you and you will be very happy this year. 

Who should worry: The core principals that have NEVER worked. 

Not everyone who works in this industry or gets into it is ready to work hard. Many of these people want to find the shortcut or get results quickly and it these people that I devote this particular section to. In short, do not do this:

Anyone who engages in these tactics will not be happy with what happens to their sites…

If you think you’ll get away with spinning articles, copying content from others, spamming, not providing a quality experience on your site, then 2017 will be very bad for you and your site/s.

In fact, it would have already been bad in 2016 and the years before since Google stepped up it’s algorithm updates, particularly with their last Penguin one. 

The evolution continues and it’s moving in the direction of less spam, less garbage and more quality content. And while it means that people have to work harder and write more, it is a near “perfect” filter in my opinion that self regulates and removes the trash from search engines. 

How does one get off on the right foot this year to make their online business thrive?

1) If you already have a website which has organic traffic and has had it for at least a year, you’re doing very well and keep going.

2) If you don’t have any sort of blueprint, site or idea, start with this free program called Wealthy Affiliate and learn everything correctly about SEO. Frankly, I would make this the #1 step.

3) If you’re already doing something, are a member and/or have a site, follow my basic niche site formation tutorial that I actually made 2 years ago, but hey, it sticks to the ever constantly working rules, and it still works for me, so you just have to do the same thing. 

4) Begin engaging more in social media.

While SEO alone on it’s own still works the same way, one thing I have come to learn last year is how much extra leverage you can get from social media and that it CAN add to your business. 

Put most of your emphasize on SEO, but in parallel, start a social media account promoting your work and content. I am currently involved in a social media experiment I will be posting on soon and once I do, I will update this part, but at the very least, since making accounts on these sites is free, start one and make it completely devoted to your niche site topic.

While an add on of social media can be of great help, understand that it can also be omitted and you can rely entirely on SEO if you wish. My site for example has and still does rely on mainly SEO and a bit of PPC. Social media is currently less than 1% for me and I hope to make it much more important this year, but still, in my example, SEO is still the big fish and it can still be that big for you as well.

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  1. Scott

    Wow, this was GREAT information! I clicked through to your other posts and I am really looking forward to reading more of your stuff. You are obviously very successful online because you have ethics, work hard, and are willing to help others like myself that are new and just starting out. I agree, the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) platform is amazing. I can see that creating good content and targeting low competition keywords is the key to success. Very encouraging info, thank you so much!

  2. Dowlehead

    I’m still trying to get my head around SEO… I’ve got Jaaxy Pro but working to find content with keywords can be tricky. I find that yoast SEO is great and gives you a traffic light system on each page to show you if your pages are SEO fit.

    • Vitaliy

      It’s not tricky at all man, you pick a niche topic, think about what the niche audience types, then cross reference the terms on the same Jaaxy program to see if the terms (keywords) get traffic. Here’s a tutorial that’ll help you with this.

  3. Ishan Iyer

    Getting solid SEO optimisation and a high google ranking is something that every internet marketer out there is after and striving for. Your post really breaks down the fact that nothing is going to change if you stick to a core strategy and if you honestly keep going, you will have a solid ranked site. Thanks for that

    Approximately how many months of working on your site did it take you to get a high google ranking?

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