Profiting in Online Marketing Via Hot Trends.

I always say that there is no quick way to make money online, at this is absolutely true, but in rare instances, IF you know what you’re doing, have experience in marketing and know what to look for as well as where, there are things you may find that can yield you some quick profits. This is not something that will yield long term rewards, but it can be very profitable in the short run.

In this post, I’d like to talk about profiting through online marketing through hot trends whether it be subjects, products, ect… & EXACTLY what to do. Let me give you an example:

I put up an entire case study here, but a few years back, I discovered a hot diet that was gaining attention on television networks and the internet. I set up a website that talked about this product, but promoted a different diet that I felt was better. This ended up making me a figure income for nearly 2 years. Eventually the popularity of the diet died out and so did the profits, but who would be against some extra money? 

What I learned from this lesson was that hot topics come and go and you can always utilize the strategy I am about to “unveil” to you. Keep in mind that even if you have all of the things in place and do everything right, it can still be a miss. What I mean by that is that the example I have posted above yielded me great profits, but applying the same formula for other hot diets that followed, I was not so successful, so be careful.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that this strategy requires the use of PPC (pay-per-click) which means you will have to pay for it. But if it profits, you could basically have your own printing press. 

So with that in mind, let’s get down to the strategy:

Profiting online through hot trends:

It really comes down to 6 things:

A) Find a hot topic that’s gaining attention.

There are several ways you can do this:

  • Google trends: GREAT site for finding hot topics people are searching for. 
  • Amazon best seller: Another great source for finding out what’s selling.
  • See what’s hot in the news.

The key here is to find something that can be sold. Celebrity news for example is not something you can usually sell. Stick to something tangible. If you’re having trouble finding something hot, you might want to try to use a tool that shows you what’s trending. I personally use Jaaxy.

In fact, here is a screenshot of hot products it’s been showing me through it’s brainstorm section:

Jaaxy brainstorm idea


If you find through one of these sources that say some kind of expensive camera is selling like hot cakes, you can utilize this to your advantage and move onto the next step…

Note: Here is an updated tutorial on this! 

B) Create a website focused on the topic. 

I don’t recommend you buy any websites for this method. You can use free blogs OR my personal preference for making websites. Through my method, you can have a site up and running in minutes, but the key here is that you need an “HQ” for where people will visit your site. 

It’s not important to make it super fancy looking. The important thing is this: Relevancy. Make sure the website’s topic is DIRECTLY related to the hot trending topic. 

So if a popular camera was being released and sold all over the world, make the website specifically focused on THAT camera. You also DON’T have to be a wiz at making websites to make this work. Some of my best selling sites were very ugly in terms of looks, but their content was highly relevant to what people were looking for and thus it sold. If you don’t believe me, here is the exact case study.

C) Promote a product that’s related to the hot topic.

This stuff usually comes down to one of two things:

  • You either promote a hot product being sold.
  • You promote another product in place of the hot product, but say yours is better.

In my case, when I made the diet website, I promoted a different product instead of the one people searched for, BUT I explained why it was better. 

Now finding products to promote is VERY easy. You can use places like, Clickbank or other networks to promote products and earn commissions through as an affiliate. Here is a breakdown (step 4).

D) Promote the website through paid methods of marketing (PPC).

Timing is impeccable when it comes to making this work. A hot product will not usually remain long so if you wish to capitalize on it, it’s better to do it when it’s popularity is at it’s peak (the earlier, the better). People who have websites and use the natural method of getting traffic (SEO) will likely not be able to capitalize on hot products/trends because to do so means to have their website rank high, which takes time.

With PPC however, you can get on the first page in just a few hours and start seeing potential results. I recommend using Bing Ads since it’s a good “indicator” of whether or not you will be able to profit or not. Plus they aren’t as strict as other advertising networks. 

I wrote up an entire guide on having a successful PPC campaign which I strongly recommend you check out. It will ensure that you spend as little as possible and get the most relevant traffic so even if this project doesn’t work, you’ll spend as little as possible.

E) Profit (hopefully!) 

Now comes the last part. If you’ve set up everything correctly, you should have the following:

  • A chosen hot topic/product to promote. 
  • A website up and running that’s promoting the product. Again I recommend this method.
  • A PPC campaign set up and running.

If you have this working for you, you should start to see people coming to your site. From there, if they buy, you will be able to make a commission of each sale. How much depends on the network you’re advertising through. When I was promoting the diet in my example, I was making anywhere from $25-$38 per sale. Not bad at all!

Again this strategy is not guaranteed to work, but if it does, you can expect a great stream of income coming in while the topic is hot. In my case, I’ve had about 4-5 successful cases of this working out of about 20. Even though I’ve had more “failures”, the scenarios where it worked out ended up making me much more in EACH instance than all the failures I’ve had put together. Think about that for a second!

This is not a strategy I’d suggest living of, because in most scenarios it may not work out. I prefer utilizing more long term, sustainable business models like SEO because through that, you can build a lasting online business

However, don’t neglect an opportunity if it presents itself! Hot topics come and there is great profit potential if you play your cards right!


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