Online Marketing in 2014. What We Can Expect to Work.

what to expect in 2014 online marketingWe are well underway into 2014 and many online marketers, including those just getting into the business should know that much of what has been working in the past will continue to happen through this year and likely for many years to come. With that there are also a lot of things that once worked that will not apply to this year as well as the future. Moving forward, I’d like to personally share what I’ve seen work before, what is currently working and you can do to succeed within the IM industry.

What still works:

1. Content will remain king. 

One thing that I’ve learned in the past year is just how important writing high quality content truly is. Not only does it determine how well you get ranked on Google, but whatever it is you write about within your content will also be ranked, perhaps even under keywords you never expected to appear under. To this day, whenever I look at which keywords I am being ranked for, it absolutely astounds me just how many of them are words I never even heard of. And even better, I am getting traffic from them! 

But besides that, one very important point I want to make is that high quality content basically means writing for your visitors in a way that helps them, encourages them to communicate with you through the site and has them sharing what they find on your site.

This activity will greatly help your website gain more exposure and you will be rewarded for it, both in the short and long run. So when you write your content, focus on the user and not trying to “play” the search engines. If the user experience on your site is good, then the search engines will also appreciate this. And all of this stems from high quality content. 

My advice is to always write about a topic that you have a personal passion/experience in. This will help your writing in many ways as well bridge that gap between you and your current/future visitors. Again, write content that helps people and answers their questions/concerns. Full tutorial on writing high quality content.

I fully believe that in 2014 and many years following that, content will remain a key component of a successful online business. Focus on that and you’ve got what I believe to be the most important component down! 

2. There is PLENTY of opportunity still available.

Even though the popularity of online marketing is continuing to increase, the fact that the internet is so big mixed in with the fact that information is still in high demand means there’s more than enough space for beginners-veterans to still make websites. 

It’s a constantly evolving industry and no matter how far it goes, anyone can make a website and rank higher/get more traffic vs websites that have been around for much longer or have more authority. This will take time especially if you’re doing SEO, but anyone can still enter this business and succeed. All that’s truly needed to make that happen is really writing excellent content and utilizing proper guidance. The rest is up to time. 

3. No market is too saturated! 

I always hear people, especially beginners to IM complain that their niche/s are too competitive and they can’t rank well. This is simply not true. Every market, especially niche has room to make your mark on!

Again this goes back to the content component. If your content is good enough, your site will rank and time, higher and higher, will amass new visitors and gain authority. 

People are constantly competing against one another in search engines with their website. It’s basically like evolution and good content is what will put your site above the rest. 

Also focus on niches when you make websites, no broad markets. Niches always have less competition and while they also have less traffic, if you rank high for your niche’s search terms, in time you can also start to rank for search terms that are more broadly related to the niche, meaning more traffic.

4. Keyword hunting is still alive and well! 

There is literally no limit to how many keywords you can find for your website/niche. They are always there and always will be. If nothing else, new keywords will keep popping into the scene, providing you with even more ideas to work with. When finding keywords, always focus on finding ones with low competition

What doesn’t work as well (or at all):

1. Backlinks

Most approaches to building backlinks are either dead or on their way to being dead. You should NEVER ever buy backlink packages from any company, no matter what they cost or what they promise. I once tried backlinking from a good program called Bring The Fresh and learned this doesn’t work. This was in 2013. And as we move further and further, backlinks will become more and more obsolete. In addition they will also damage your website in regards to SEO. Just DON’T use them!

2. Any black hat marketing approaches. 

If you hear of any program which promises you fast SEO results, you can forget about it. While the internet and search engines are continuing to evolve, the black hat industry is continuing to find loopholes in ways to beat the game. 

But no matter what they come up with, in the end they will always fail. Google changes their algorithm to cleanse themselves of sites which use these methods and if you think you can run a successful online business via black hat techniques, you are going to set yourself up for major failure. Just don’t use them. 

3. EMD (Exact match domains) don’t carry much weight anymore.

It used to be that if you named your website under the same keyword you were chasing, you would get ranked higher & faster. No longer is this the case and you’re also inhibiting your results if you try it. 

Let’s say I hear about a new product called Product A which can earn me a lot of money. I decide to name my website in hopes of ranking higher under it. Not only will this not work as well anymore, but if I want to go further with this site and review other products, suddenly the site will become irrelevant for them and I’ll have to start over again through a new website.

Nowadays your website’s name isn’t as important as it’s content. Remember content is what gets ranked, not the name of your website. So back to the main point: Content is king! 

Moving through 2014 and beyond…

Know that there PLENTY of opportunities available online and what works most is what has always been proven to work in recent years: Write good content, help people and you will be rewarded. This is the key to success. Don’t try to find the easy way out because that road will usually lead to failure sooner or later. 

I recommend checking out my #1 recommendation as it helps teach you these important components as well as structures where to start and what to do. Again if you ever spot any program/product which says they can get you fast results, I strongly advise staying away from them.

Forget the naysayers who say SEO is dead. It is not. This sky is falling mentality never leads to anything productive. The online world is only getting bigger and more popular which means there is more than enough space for you to succeed within it! 

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