One of The Major Reasons Most People do Not Succeed Online.

I want to let you know of a major problem I see in the online marketing world: The constant cycle of people buying worthless products over and over again. It’s very much like this in the real world where people buy stuff they don’t need, but keep doing it because they feel it’s new, up to date and whatever other reason they can come up with. In the end it’s just a waste of money and you’ll end up throwing it away. Same thing with online marketing products.

Unfortunately most of the products I encounter, buy (to test) and review are not like this. They are just more of the same in the sense that they are recycled ideas being pitched as being next best thing, but in reality are still the same outdated and overpriced things I will never recommend.


One thing all of these products share in common is that they claim they are trying to help you take shortcuts in online marketing, find the fastest path to success. It’s a market demand. People want simple/easy things. But unfortunately in this industry most of that demand leads to crap like this:

  • Backlinking programs: Very bad for SEO in the long run.
  • Content spinners: Basically a program which re-writes text so you don’t have to write your own. Sometimes this kind of stuff uses other people’s writing without their consent which is basically plagarism).
  • Various black hat products/programs/services: Services which try to find loopholes in search engines and exploit them).
  • SEO companies (yes I’m not a fan of these as well). They charge you ridiculous prices for services you could get elsewhere for less.
  • Done for you websites, SEO, PPC campaigns. No one is ever going to put in as much effort to help your online business succeed as much as you will. To put your dreams, goals and ambitions into another person is wrong and is in my opinion is a recipe for failure. 

99% of the time when I research products, they will fall into one of the above categories and in MANY cases, these approaches to succeeding in online business are going to screw you over more so than help! Yes they are technically fulfilling a market demand in that they provide simpler “solutions”, but the way this business is designed, trying to succeed through these methods is not the way to succeed if you’re looking to build a long term, sustainable online business. 

Even the “newest” programs that come out usually fit into one of those categories (and you already know how that’s going to end).What’s worse is that I constantly see people looking for “The next best thing” and jumping from one product to another which promises them riches. 

Most people who look for that shiny object or the latest/greatest thing in online marketing do so because they feel like the industry is too complex and too difficult to succeed within, unless they have something to help them along the way. Some sort of program/service or guidance that provides a short cut.

But since there’s SO many program available and many people don’t know what’s good from bad, often times this uncertainty makes them buy the most expensive products around.

We’re talking $100’s if not $1,000’s for courses/training/services which I can pretty much guarantee you can get in places like this as well as other resources that cost little and are even free (no joke). I’ve done my research so I know.

Now it is true that people, especially beginners who get into this business can/will easily get lost with all of the choices available and on where to go & what to do. This is normal. But in these scenarios, one thing I recommend above all is this:

Find proper guidance. What this basically means is that if you can find a resource, training program, education that is proven proper guidanceto work and succeed, you will not have to go anywhere else or spend anymore money on crap you don’t need or doesn’t work. 

Find that 1 place that really delivers and stick to it. I promise you that if you do this, you will start to see past the illusions of most of the other products online around these days and never fall for a scam again. 

More so, by having a direction, you will be that much closer to achieving your goals online and not being distracted by all the other products dangling around!

When I first started in online marketing, it took me a good 3 years to find proper guidance. This is where I found it. Even today, I recommend that place above all others. 

Now this place does require you to work hard to succeed in online marketing, but this is really the only way you’re ever going to find that success. This pretty much applies to life as well! You are taught what works. It’s your job to put it into action.

My #1 reason for recommending this place is that it gives you true independence from this vicious cycle of wasting money and not getting anywhere in this industry and that true independence is in the form of: Knowledge. 

There is really a few categories of people who this may not be suitable for:

Those who don’t have time to study and put this stuff to use.

Those who are lazy or believe someone else will do it for them if they pay the right price.

I’m here to tell you, that’s not how it works. Yes you can pay other people to do the work for you, but as I said earlier, no one is ever going to work as hard or get the same results in your business as much as you will. Furthermore, you’re also going to end up spending a lot more money than you should and even then, the results are NEVER guaranteed.

So to conclude:

1. Get proper guidance. You already know what I recommend for this.

2. Don’t allow yourself to fall for products which promise you easy money/fast results. Otherwise, you’ll waste money and never get anywhere in this business.

3. You are the key to your success. Don’t pay others to succeed for you. Take action and commit to working hard and you will succeed!


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