Making Money Online Does Automatically Mean It’s Being Done Honestly.

That’s something most of my critics assume. Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t be more wrong. Just because you make money online does NOT mean it’s being done honestly.

There are a lot of people who comment on my site who don’t exactly have the nicest things to say. Many of them completely disagree with my evaluation of other programs that I label scams. Most of the time, their arguments will come down to 2 points:

  • I am simply wrong and I’m [enter name calling] here.
  • I am wrong because people are making money with [insert scam program here] or they know “someone” who is successful with it, thus proving me wrong.

Either way, most of the time I do not approve these comments simply because they don’t add any value to the site or my visitor’s experience. Just pointing fingers and offering meaningless points is about as useful as spam.

I am always open to debate with people who disagree with me, but if what people say falls into broad categories like the ones I mentioned above, I will RARELY respond/approve it and let me tell you, people can say some VERY harsh things. Oh well, I chose this profession and it does come with it’s cons.

But that’s really not the main point of this post. The main point here is the second argument the naysayers make which is if there’s money being made by people in a program, the program much hence be legitimate. This is simply not true in my opinion.

You can steal money from people and call that making money, but it doesn’t make that legitimate and for some strange reason, many people have a hard time understanding this.

Let me give you an example: If I were to take some of the many scams I’ve reviewed such as copycat companies who say it’s easy to make money so long as you pay them nearly a $100 to reveal the secret, then when you buy into it, they don’t give you anything close to what they promised you, but the people behind the business are making money, yes it works, but it doesn’t mean it’s right.

How about programs which lure you into a pyramid scheme? Yes there’s people making money within it, but through the process of getting others involved in the scheme and having them pluck down their money. Is it still a good program to invest into? Not if you’re attempting to making money online honestly.

And of course there’s the ponzi schemes like Zeek Rewards which I’ve already reviewed. You pay into the program, assume the investment is going to pay you back, only to find out the money is coming out of other people’s pockets. Sure a lot of people succeeded with this program, but and overwhelming amount did NOT.

So with these examples, even though the potential to make money is there, how can you ethically and honestly involve yourself with such things and brag about it being legitimate? I certainly can’t.

If you count all of the programs I’ve reviewed, I believe less than 10% of them I’ve rated highly. The others fit into either a don’t buy or scam category.

What does it mean to make money HONESTLY online? 

This really differs based on who you are, but in my mind, making money honestly means:

Helping people: If someone I recommend/sell something to thanks me, I know I did the right thing. In my mind there’s no better reward than this. The last thing I want to do is shamelessly sell something that then gets complaints or makes their lives worse.

Being transparent: In spite of SO much information being available to us today on the internet, ironically it’s not very easy to find transparency, at least in the online marketing world where you are attempting to find legitimate programs that will teach you it.

I built this entire site on the premise of transparency. Whatever I promote, I explain thoroughly. I tell you exactly what to expect so there’s NO surprises and you know exactly what you’re buying. That’s transparency.

Not doing anything that I wouldn’t want to be done to me. I think this speaks for itself, but if I can’t stand someone best places to learn updatedselling me something I know sounds fishy, why in the world would I want to do the same thing to someone else? That’s straight up hypocrisy.

I wrote a whole other post about this, where I talk about basic ethical guidelines I follow when marketing to people. No shadiness is the key point.

In my view, if I am going to be a successful online business, I want it’s foundations to be based on integrity and legitimacy, not lies and deceit. I’m a firm believer in karma.

This brings me to my next point: I have no doubt that most of you reading this are probably also looking to make honest money. I don’t think anyone knowingly wants to scam people, but the question that arises then is how can you do this?

Well this is where I am going to keep recommending only 1 program, the same one which also encouraged me to do things honestly online. Other programs I’ve seen, including the good ones mainly focus on money making first and foremost and that in my opinion can be grey area that could lead people down the wrong road.

However in this place, it’s the opposite. The focus of the program itself is helping people. The training is also focused on building businesses of helping people first and foremost, then making money from that. In my opinion the latter is more important, but if you disagree, you can check out my Best Places to learn section for a list for programs I’ve given my green light to.

To summarize, everyone has their own approach to business, but I wanted to share with you all in this post how I like to do things. As time progresses and I look back on mistakes made, success & failures, one thing I’ve come to realize is that it’s imperative (to me) to help people first, then focus on making money. I don’t want to look back at this 10, 20 years from now and regret leading people astray.



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