Looking to Get Rich Quick Through The Internet? Then You’re in The Wrong Business.

There are 1,000’s of products (if not more) online that teach you about internet marketing. Most of them promise that you’ll get rich quick if you follow their “simple formula” and you know what? As cheesy as it sounds, in my experience at least 50% of people fall for this trick. But why?

The biggest reason is that they’re looking for quick results that require little/no work. This doesn’t just happen with internet marketing. It happens in our everyday life. We want fast results for just about everything:

  • Exercise.
  • Weight loss. 
  • Health improvement.
  • Business. 
  • Insert your idea that has to do with health/wealth/love.

So when a product comes along that claims they’ll be able to give you those results in little/no time, people instead of using their rational thinking jump on board and whip out their credit card only to later find out all those claims aren’t really as hyped as they originally thought. 

It’s that shiny object mentality we all have, including myself. We see something that sounds/looks to good to be true and instantly we want it. Years of bad experiences have taught me to stop yielding to those initial emotions and think clearly, but to this day, it still happens because it hits me on an unconscious level. 

Either way, this is what some of the most brilliant, not necessarily ethical marketers use to get you to buy their products. And I’m here to tell you that not only is this a mistake and that it will NOT give you what you had hoped for, but I also want to give you truly realistic expectations on what it truly takes to succeed online. So if you’re going to get into this business, understand a couple of VERY important things:

1. Stop looking for fast results. Ironically in life, this kind of thinking usually yields the opposite results. But this is still the most important mindset you need to keep on it’s leash. The next time you see that amazing diet pill, that great program which promises you instant results, take a step back and think about it. 

  • Do your research. Explore the product further and see what other people are saying. 
  • Don’t let the hype of the product fool you. In 99.9% of the cases, all the hype you see/hear is just that…hype. 
  • Don’t let the sales tactics of “Act now before it’s too late” or “Get a discounted offer if you ACT NOW” ever get you. This is just further tactics to make you submit to that emotional side. 

2. With internet marketing, you need to start with a niche. Forget push button software. Forget “magic” formulas. No matter what you hear from the gurus, in the end the best place to start in this business is with a niche

A niche is basically a specific market or group of people interested in something. One of the best ways to find niches is to take a large/broad market and then add a group of people to it. Example: 

  • Weight loss (broad)
  • Weight loss for teenagers (niche)
  • Weight loss for 30 year old men (more specific niche
  • Painting (broad)
  • Miniature model painting for kids (niche)
  • Exercise (broad)
  • Exercise tips for teenagers (niche)

A niche should be chosen based on something YOU have personal interest/experience in. Maybe it’s a hobby. Maybe it’s passion of yours. Whatever the case, take that interest, find a group of people who would be interested in that (niche).

From there, it is your job to create a website that is focused entirely on that group of people and the subject. If you’ve never created a website before, my personal recommendation is to use this method of making websites as it’s free and takes less than a minute to complete (seriously).

3. Building an online business takes time! Understand that when you embark on creating an online business, you are essentially building what may be your very future. That doesn’t happen in a day or a week. It can be weeks and even months before you see significant results. My recommendation is to utilize proper guidance from places like this to ensure you’re on the right track.

But what if you’re just looking for fast cash or NOT interested in building an online business? You can certainly follow that route, but in most cases people with this mindset usually never go far in the business. You can try to make a website and promote it and maybe even see some cash come in, but even in this scenario it will take time to see results.

Is there EVER a scenario where you can get rich quick? 

Yes there is, but it never happens if you don’t have the foundations in place! Let me ask you this:

  • Does a Doctor ever earn his profession overnight? No.
  • Does a business owner become an overnight millionaire? No.
  • Does any profession/job which requires a college education ever take anyone who doesn’t have a degree? Unlikely. 

Well the same thing applies to internet business: If you want to succeed, you NEED to put in the initial work and plant those seeds which will then yield you results. The great thing however is that unlike most professions, online marketing has a lot less complexity, if you know which route to pursue! 

I’m not going to be bias however. Sure luck sometimes plays a role and strange things happen, but if you’re aiming for this result, then you’re essentially chasing that “lottery mentality” and will likely never work.

After all, how many people do you know that truly landed it big by just luck? And if so how many of those people actually remained wealthy afterwards? Not long I’d bet. 

So what happens when you planted all those seeds? 

Well then you can have those moments where you push a button or do little work and get paid well. Here’s a few scenarios:

1. You collected an email list of about 10,000 subscribers. You then sell them a product which pays you $20 a sale. If you made 1% sales (100) out of those, you’d make $2,000. 

Sounds good right? Sure but here’s what was missing: You created a website which targeted a niche. You took the time to collect that email list. Those were the seeds you needed to plant to succeed and it’s only because of that you were able to make that $2,000.

2. You found a HOT market and decided to try and make money of it. So you set up an ad, promoted a product and did VERY well for yourself. 

So what’s missing in this picture? Well the fact that you FIRST needed to know HOW to find hot markets. Then you needed to create a website. Then you needed to know how to make an advertisement. All things you get from proper education on online marketing.

In this scenario, THOSE were your seeds of success that you planted. And by the way, the second scenario actually did happen to me personally. Here’s the case study

My final thoughts:

I don’t know about you, but I’m in this business because:

  • I want to work whenever I want to work.
  • I never want anyone to be the boss of me.
  • I want to live and never have to worry about being late for work or living paycheck to paycheck.

As much as I want to materialize these goals, I understand that it takes effort to succeed in this world. Yes you will make mistakes, stress out and think about quitting, but as long as you have the will to succeed and the right kind of direction to show you where to go, you can reach these goals. 

So stop chasing those quick money making systems, do what works, commit to it and don’t look back! 

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