Looking To Get Certificates In Online Marketing? Why it May Not be Worth it.

There are many schools & places which teach you online marketing and offer certificates, but before you take the plunge and sign certificateup to any school/program, let me forewarn you: Most of these places overcharge and/or do NOT know what the hell they are teaching. Furthermore, like most college degrees, they are worthless. In fact, I’m going to come right out and say it:

Most Online Marketing Schools & Their Certificates Don’t Mean Squat. Here’s Why: 

Most places in college which teach you online marketing are OUTDATED and classes are taught by inexperienced professors who possess little/no knowledge in the field.

Real life example: Though I am online marketer by profession, I also possess a Bachelor’s degree in business marketing. Prior to getting it, I was mandated to take a class in internet commerce which supposedly taught you the basics of making money on the internet.

The course was nothing short of trash in terms of what they taught you. With $1,500 down the drain for information you could get for free online, I realized this and many other courses in college which taught you online marketing were as I claimed outdated, overpriced and worthless. My professor who ran the class was completely uninformed and read from a textbook and couldn’t answer most questions I had.

In fact, when I did presentations on internet marketing in some of my business classes, I had people saying things like this:

“You just taught me more in 20 minutes than an entire online commerce class did in a semester.” True story.

And this is something I heard multiple times which speaks volumes about the quality of teaching college’s have in regards to online marketing. So what’s the point of getting a certificate/s in places like these if the information is useless?

Now what about real online marketing schools? There are many as well as products which teach you the process of making money online, but as I mentioned in the beginning of this article:

Most of them are overpriced and outdated: The internet marketing world is constantly changing with old tactics quickly going the way of dinosaurs and to stay on top, you need places that teach you the latest methods that WORK. There are few, but here is my #1 recommended place that will keep you up to date on EVERYTHING online marketing related and what to do to be successful in this industry. It is one of the few places I trust with complete confidence.

One major thing you need to know is this: You don’t need certification to do or be successful in online marketing. And most places that teach it are downright scams. All you need is a place that teaches you the real deal and that is all. 

How do I know all of this?

My name is Vitaliy. I possess 7 years experience in the online marketing field, have taken both good and bad courses on the subject in college as well as online schools and know what works and what doesn’t.

Though I do NOT possess an official online marketing certificate (they don’t mean crap anyway), I have 2 certificates from a online multi billion dollar organization called Clickbank. This place provides products to sell as an affiliate which I have for done so for many years and after surpassing a certain sale’s figure (6 figures a year), you get a certificate from them which confirms this. Here is a picture of both my certificates (sorry if the picture is tough to see):

rsz_resampled_2013-08-23_17-12-44_332 rsz_resampled_2013-08-23_17-12-52_892

Now if you were an employer looking for an online marketer, which would stand out more?

– A certificate from a school that says you learned the process off online marketing.


– A certificate from a billion dollar organization that says you KNOW how to make money in the online marketing industry.

I think the answer is pretty clear. Now don’t get me wrong. Certification in a field is very important, but when it comes to online marketing, a certificate is secondary in my experience compared to IN FIELD experience.

And I’m going to show you where exactly you can get in field experience in a minute which also happens to be a place which has an online certification course that is the real deal.

If fact if you can’t wait and want to learn where to get the best in field experience + certification courses in web marketing, here is the #1 recommended place to do it.

Though they do have a certification course, they do not provide you with a certificate at the end of it, but what they teach works better than any school will ever teach you and that will yield far greater rewards including certificates from places such as Clickbank.com

Final Thoughts & Recommendations:

The internet marketing world is ever changing, but it is also a growing industry with many places which do NOT teach the correct ways to make money through it, so there is really no point of being certified in the field if the place you received the training from teaches you crap.

Instead learn the real deal from places that DO teach you the right things (learn from the #1 place right here) and don’t focus on the certificate, but the training and making that training work towards your success and…

Let your success in online marketing will be your best certificate!

Nothing speaks more than experience. Especially in web/online marketing, having the proof that you KNOW what you’re doing speaks far more than having a certificate that says you learned how to do it which in most cases means very little, especially in this field!

Believe me, I’ve spoken with many people in high end businesses who have taken my advice when it comes to online marketing and never cared about whether or not I had a degree. That’s because this industry is new and doesn’t require certification because most places that teach it know NOTHING about the field. Forget them and…

Get REAL Certification Training From My #1 Recommended Source, Wealthy Affiliate:

This is one of the ONLY places that will teach you the real ways to do online marketing and be successful. I highly recommend you try this place out if you seek to learn web marketing.

It’s literally free to try, teaches you the most up to date and proven tactics and even has a course called the “Online Certification Course”. Learn more about it here.

Have any questions? Feel free to post them here and I will be more than happy to respond within 24 hours!






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