Is Memberspring a Scam? Not Quite, But I Find This Program Irrelevant In Today’s World.

memberspring homepage screenshotI’ve seen examples of Memberspring before and in almost every case, I concluded that it was useless because in today’s world of internet marketing, much of what they do for you can be done on your own, for less and even free. Does this make the program a scam? Not quite, but in my opinion, if you’re going to invest money into this, you’ll likely be wasting it.

Memberspring in a nutshell:

It was created by Gary Ambrose. This is a program which basically helps you create your own personal membership website/s for online business purposes. The idea is to have your own product, a system set up which can allow people to buy from your website and automate everything. Training is also included on helping the website amass visitors through video tutorials.

Memberspring gives you 5 pre-built websites in different niches + 1 blank website which you can customize anyway you like. These sites are designed to take the “hard work” of creating and setting up your own site by having all of it done for you. This includes:

  • Hosting.
  • Picking out templates.
  • Having the site be SEO ready.
  • Having a sign up form on the site.
  • A payment processing option.
  • Ect…

Usually the above components are what “should” be on a typical business website. The way it’s pitched to you, all of this is very hard work and takes time to do. But with this program, it’s already been completed. What is then left to YOU is to generate content and fill out the website with information that is relevant to the topic. This basically means pages/text/pictures that will perhaps sell a service/product on the site. 

Why I don’t recommend it:

The price: At first it’ll cost you $297, but I was told, you could get a discount for $97. Sounds like a bargain, but in my experience, you can easily do what this program does for less and even free. In fact, you could very well make your own website for nothing and have it properly set up. 

Upsells: You will have additional offers after purchasing this program which will include anything from monthly hosting offers (About $30) and other things this program will claim you’ll need. Obviously it’s going to be optional, but what you’re gong to be charged for services like hosting is just far too high. Normal hosting can be anywhere from free to $5 a month. 

Duplicate content: You’re going to have websites to choose from which are all pre-built the same way, with the same templates, same content and same focus. This is not going to help you within the SEO world as Google does NOT like duplicate content. 

You’ll end up having to customize the websites in a way to make them look unique if you don’t want to get caught. In fact, you’ll probably have to ignore the first 5 websites and focus on the blank page anyway since there you’ll be able to have a 100% unique page. But even then…

You’ll have to do a lot of it on your own anyway: What’s the point of paying so much money for stuff you can do on your own? It’s not difficult believe me.

As I mentioned, the option to make a website with hosting can be done for free and even if you do use the Memberspring websites, you’ll still have to build out the website anyway, which means that in either scenario, you’ll have to do the same amount of work, except one will cost you a lot while the other won’t cost you anything at all.

Make no mistake: The sites you get from Memberspring are NOT going to rank high on Google unless you add content to them. And even then it will take time to develop, especially if the niche/subject your website is focused on is competitive. 

Now if you were to take the regular website option which you can have set up in literally minutes (Tutorial), you’ll be off the same start, except you’ll have more money in your wallet. 

I am not a fan of the “done for you” approach: I’ve said before that I’ve seen programs/products try to build websites for you and in pretty much every instance, I found that this approach wasn’t necessary and in some cases, counter-productive. Let me be more specific:

Niche Jet: A program which creates niche sites for you. You choose from a list and a team of “specialists” make it for you. The price is OK, but the results aren’t. They use outdated tactics.

SBI: A really outdated approach to building websites. They pitch themselves in a similar way that Memberspring does in that they give you pre-built websites to help make your life easier. But the tactics are again outdated and the price is a bit steep in my opinion.

There’s more examples, but the main point I want to make about done for you programs is that the incentive to create successful websites is just not going to be there in my opinion.

If I am a professional marketer & website designer who charges say $500 for services and you come to me asking for help in building a website, and I see that website has the potential to make $1,000’s a month, why would I want to put in the effort to make that website reach that potential when I’m only earning $500 out of the deal? Sure I’ll make the site, but there’s no way I would ever put in the same effort as I would had the site been mine. See my point? The incentive just isn’t the same…

Not everyone has their own product to sell: I’m pretty certain you can apply the pre-built websites and do affiliate marketing in which you promote other people’s products, but from what I’ve seen the design and focus of the program is for people who already have their own products/services. 


  • The sites you get look good.
  • High quality training within members area. 


  • You can do pretty much all of this stuff on your own. You just need step-by-step guidance.
  • The price is too high in my opinion.
  • There are up-sells. 
  • A lot of the training is outdated. 
  • You’ll still have to put in basically the same amount of work after setting up your site through this program as you would had you created a website using alternative (cheaper) methods.

Final Rating: Memberspring

2 stars

Red Flag (Not worth it)

2 out of 10 stars. Not a scam, but unnecessary and a waste of money in my opinion. See my #1 recommendation if you’re looking to start an online business.

Final thoughts: 

People who are looking to start an online business nowadays usually have a major fear as to: 

  • Where to start. 
  • How to make a website.
  • How to market that website.
  • How to actually make money through the internet.

So they find programs like Memberspring which they think are going to handle all those problems for them and in some ways they really do, but they also feel that once they do take care of those issues, that everything else will fall into place and the money will come rolling in. This is wrong.

You are going to have to put in work anyway to make that site succeed and while there is training within Memberspring to help you through this:

1. A lot of is outdated.

2. You would have to do this anyway if you created your own website from scratch. 

Just because you have a good looking website does not mean it’ll be successful. Any success online requires that your website get traffic. More importantly targeted traffic. This is where you need to use updated methods of traffic accumulation and the most important way to do this is to: Add content to your site with information pertaining to the site’s subject. 

What does this mean? It means if I had a website on weight loss, I’d want to create pages/articles on my site talking about this topic and helping people lose weight. This content will get ranked in Google and other search engines and drive visitors to my site.

This will not happen overnight and take weeks/months, but it is an accumulating process that can be VERY profitable if you know the right ways to do this! This is why I recommend this place. Because they provide the proper guidance from start to finish on how to do all of this, including setting up a website.

My advice is to avoid places which do everything for you, because in reality they really do nothing. Instead focus on following the proper approach to building your online business from scratch, like through the area I recommended above. It can be time consuming, but it’s not as scary as you think.

Creating websites, driving traffic to them and earning money is actually pretty simple, but it does take action on your part and no one will ever do it as well as you can. So again, avoid those done for you places, save your money, utilize proper guidance + your will to succeed and this will make all the difference!




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