Important Tips You Need to Utilize When You Write Content.

It is said that content is king when it comes to SEO. There is much truth to that, but it is a broad understanding. Simply writing content is going to help you a lot in terms of rankings and improving your authority, but nowhere near as much if that content were engaging, being shared and had people participating in that they comment on your site. THIS is key and here are some very important tips you need to utilize. 

Tips #1: Don’t write like an English Professor. Write as though you’re speaking to your visitors 1 on 1.

Many people who start of blogging or writing up content on their site focus more so on writing “properly” and making sure they don’t violate and grammatical/spelling mistake. While there is nothing wrong with writing correctly, people often write their content as though they are writing an essay or being tested, so instead of focusing on WHAT they are writing, they are focusing on HOW they are writing it.

I always recommend you write your content as though you’re speaking to your audience 1 on 1. Everyone has their own interpretation of this, but to me personally, it means writing content as though I’m standing on stage or trying to explain something to a particular individual. For instance, the way I write on my site is an example of what I consider engaging content. On many of my posts I’ll get people sharing my page, commenting on it, agreeing/disagreeing with me, ect… 

When you write your content, don’t write to appease search engines or get an A+ from an English Professor. Write as though you’re in an open conversation with a person. You may have a different understanding/style when it comes to this and that’s perfectly fine.

The key is to find YOUR unique writing style and build upon that and in order to reach that goal, I recommend…

Tip #2: Write freely.

The truth is, tip #2 is very much related to the first one but needs to be mentioned separately because it is imperative to understand. Because many writers focus too much on writing properly rather than actually communicating 1 on 1 with their audience, they restrict themselves from writing freely.

Even as I write this post, I am not planning ahead, I am not worrying about who I am pleasing/not. I am simply writing on instinct and improvising. Yes it is important to also organize your thoughts and write them out, but with practice, this stuff will come on auto-pilot.

Write freely while sticking to basic grammatical/spelling rules, but don’t let that be your main purpose. When you write freely, you will notice better results in that: 

  • You will feel better. 
  • You will likely get better feedback from your visitors. I certainly noticed this.

Tip #3: Challenge the readers. Ask them questions.

People love to read content that they feel is engaging them personally and in addition to writing as though you’re speaking to them 1 on 1, it is also important to challenge your readers. Ask them to think about something. To picture things. Ask their thoughts on what you wrote. 

I always ask people to leave their feedback on my article/s and if they agree/disagree with me. You’d be surprised to know how often this works. In many instances, this is basically an open invitation for readers to not be shy and participate in a potentially stimulating discussion. 

This only helps your site in search engine’s eyes as engaging content mixed with reader comments/feedback only offers bonus points for you.

Tip #4: Be controversial. 

This one has it’s limits and people judge this differently. In my eyes, being controversial means going against the tide. On my website for example, I often review products that teach people how to make money online and judge whether or not they are scams/legitimate. 

I often see products that I would personally rate poorly being ranked high by other people (often those who promote them). I use this an opportunity to “go against the tide” in the sense that while everyone write a positive review, I write one that is “not so positive”, but I make sure to carefully explain why this is the case in my opinion.

What about the other side of the coin: Products that are truly good and others rate high as well? Even in those cases, I try to write in a neutral way that doesn’t make it seem as though I’m “over-selling” it. I hate that honestly and don’t like to ever give too much praise. 


Obviously I make sure to do my research first on every product I check out and often times it actually means buying it and getting an inside look and you should absolutely do the same. Be honest in your reviews. But onto the bigger picture, doing this makes you stand out above the rest and naturally creates more interest as well as making you appear more unique and naturally appealing. 

Controversy has it’s limits though in my eyes. I never recommend cursing or using defamatory remarks. Keep it professional and rational. If you disagree with a product/person, carefully explain why this is without getting into a rant. To be honest though, I must admit, sometimes the stuff I review is so crappy, that I can’t but help get into a rant. Sometimes it can beneficial if it’s funny. 

Tip #5: Keep the reader in mind. 

Besides having high rankings in search engines, one of the most important factors to your success online is having readers trust you and take your advice. This leads to long term success and a good reputation. 

I’ve said this many times before when talking about writing high quality content: Be helpful to your readers. They are on your site because they want to know information on “so & so”. Don’t just get into a sales pitch about why it works/doesn’t work. Explain how it works. Tell them all about it.

THIS is what they want to hear and if you give it to them, they will naturally trust you more, share your content and keep coming back to your site to get advice. Again all of these factors provide you bonus points in the SERPS, among other perks.

What about videos?

You can & should absolutely apply these tips when doing videos. Some people prefer videos > text, while others are completely the opposite. See which one you prefer to work with. If it’s both, do both. If it’s one more than other, focus on that.

Do what’s comfortable for you, without worrying about being wrong, “proper” or trying to sell to people and this will all lead to greater success online. 

If you have any questions about these tips or have some of your own personal ones you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it!



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