How to Understand Your Target Audience Better Than Anyone.

In marketing, the ability to understand the niche audience you’re targeting to sell products to, what they want, what problems they have and what you can do to help them is a very crucial piece of success.

The more deeper you can understand this concept and take the right actions, the better your sales funnel and your business will do and that’s what I want to address in this post.

Now when it comes to dissecting your niche and understanding it’s people, understand that there’s different levels of it and…

Here is 1 tip that will always help you understand your audience better:

It is absolutely advantageous to have had the same problem as your niche audience because in having it, you already have that deep knowledge you can relate to people with who have the same problem.

It’s certainly not impossible to make a niche site work when you don’t have the type of “hands on” experience a person who has immersed themselves inside it does, and I’ve made it work in my experiences, but it’s been a lot harder. This is basically the equivalent of “insider knowledge”.

How is this type of knowledge useful for a business?

The very fact that you understand something deeply already gives you an advantage to connect with your audience better than most people would and as such gain their trust. 

From there, if you’re doing something like SEO and writing content on a website, by writing in a way that clearly lets the person/s visiting your site know you’ve had the same problem they did and found a solution to it, plus also connecting to them by sharing your experiences that reflect theirs, they will love your content, take your advice, share your articles and become potentially great clients/customers. 

Here are 5 examples of audiences in niches and how to understand them better:

1) Let’s take a dating related niche.

A person has broken up with their partner and is absolutely crushed. Were you to make niche site on dating advice, but never went through the process of being dumped or breaking up with someone yourself, it might be more difficult to connect with them.

For one, you won’t have a story to share with this person and in the process connect with them as well. And on the other, this will also span to every other visitor with the same problem who visits your site. Imagine how that will impact your business.

But if you lack the experience here, what can you do to improve upon it? Get dumped? No, what you need to do is “interview” people, be they your friends/family who have gone through these experiences and ask them about their stories and what information/knowledge they can share with you. 

You can also browse relationship forums to gain a better understanding of what people are going through in this topic. 

By listening and reading all the stories people have to share, you will become more knowledgeable with this niche and in the process become better at writing content that will light up your visitor with hope and a solution to move on or do other things to help them solve this problem.

2) Weight loss. 

This is a very popular topic people build niche sites on all the time and they often fail because many of them have never gone through the difficulty of losing weight themselves. 

But if you’re one of these people, what can you do to better understand this audience and as such have that reflect in better content on your website?

Same thing: Speak to people with this issue, read forums on weight loss, read weight loss books (this is what I do for a side niche site I made).

Then the more knowledge you attain from this can lead to you writing better, easier to connect with content. 

3) The make money online topic. 

Besides weight loss, this is another one people make websites on but because they either have no success themselves or fail to understand the motivation behind people who want to succeed at this topic, end up making failed sites.

What kind of motivation do people who want to make money online have? Think…

It’s not JUST about wanting to make extra money, it’s far deeper. So much deeper, that this is the type of subject that has multiple demographics and sub niches within it. I’ll explain…

There are tons of groups within this topic who would benefit from extra money and doing it from home. Let’s take retirees…

What do you know about them? Besides the fact that they aren’t working anymore, a common problem is that most of them tend to not have much experience when it comes to websites, computers and technical things. 

So if you’re making a pitch on your make money online site about a system or product that helps people make money, but aren’t keeping in mind that retirees may visit the site (because hey, they too want to make something) and explain to them that it’s retiree friendly, you end up losing that demographic on your site.

What about other groups? Single moms, single dads, students, ect…, all different types of people who fit into this niche crowd and require a mention that the program you’re offering works for THEM specifically. 

These are all important factors to keep in mind, but if there’s SO many groups of people, how do you actually go about including them all on your site so they feel like what you’re offering is for them?

I find the easy way to do this is to make a bullet point/s of all the classifications of people your program applies to and to mention it there. I do this in my own personal pitch of Wealthy Affiliate (you’ll find the bullet points on that review page) and let me tell you, it works.

Essentially everyone who visits my site or any kind like it want to make money, but if you can identify their group right away and link it to the fact that THEIR group can make money doing whatever you’re pitching, it will work.

Now this is one of those topics where understanding the audience will in my opinion require that you have your own personal success online before you pitch anything. If you don’t, consider a different topic.

4) Hair loss.

I left this one for the final example because I think it is the easiest topic/problem for people to associate with. If you have hair, be honest, you would freak out if you knew you were losing it. And if you are or have already lost it, you know the stress that comes from the acknowledgement that it’s happening.

Now suppose you were to make a website on this topic and help people find solutions. If you were someone who lost hair, you can and should absolutely explain how you felt when you first started losing it. This instantly connects the reader to you (just like with dating and just like with ANY niche topic). 

If you haven’t (or even have), do the same thing and speak to those with that problem. Ask what products they used, what methods they recommend or don’t, absorb that knowledge and use it on your page. 

Summary of tips:

1) Have experience with the problem/topic.

2) Use the internet and people who have the problem to gain knowledge from them.

3) Understand the different kinds of audiences a niche topic can have (like the make money online example) and think about their motivations.

4) You really have to imagine what it feels like for the target audience to go through whatever the topic is. The deeper you understand it (or if you went through it), the better.

Also an additional tip is to read a post I wrote on relevancy which coincidentally REALLY relates to this subject as well. For a lack of a better word, that article is most relevant to this one.


When you do this, you won’t just connect with people better, you’ll also connect with search engines:

Consider for a second how much greater your writing/content and website will look when you possess the knowledge of someone who has either had the problem your audience has and solved it and/or have the deep knowledge from people who also had the problem and also solved it.

That will absolutely make your content better and guess what better content makes? Better rankings in search engines and more traffic. So directly speaking, understanding your audience and taking the right steps to write what connects with them will also grow your business with search engines.

If you know those 4 summary tips above and really use them, it will make a big difference. Imagine 2 people:

Person 1 writes a blog about making money online, but in reality, they just parrot information they find on other sites (likely bad information as well). Though the audience that comes to their site doesn’t know that, it will show overtime. 

Person 2 also writes the same kind of blog, but unlike person 1 actually has experienced such as failed examples, personal success stories and truly immersed themselves and put in the hours to understand this topic and really clarify if for their audience.

Provided both people write content that reflects that topic plus their knowledge, who do you think will produce the better content? 


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  1. Kevin McNamara

    Hi Vitaliy,

    I love your thought where you need to have gone through the same issue as your customer in your niche to really appreciate where they are coming from. Their pain points have been your pain points.

    So true. That tip alone was worth the read. I like to feel the pain of my customers before selling them anything and building rapport.

    Great post, thank you, Kev

  2. Christian

    Hey Vitaliy,

    I liked your reference on how to relate to the people who are coming to your site, it makes more sense than just repeating generic information. Experience is the best teacher, and if you’re able to share your experience, it’ll likely convert better, as you have said. Awesome post.

  3. Janelle

    My niche is MMO for travellers. I find at times that my posts get buried among all the other ‘work from home ‘ marketers out there.

    Do you have any suggestions that I could use to set myself apart from the mob? I’ve been making money online with affiliate marketing while I travel…but I really want to ramp it up more.

    • Vitaliy

      It sounds like an issue with authority to me Janelle, your site may not yet have more of it than the competing sites you’re mentioning which is why they are still outranking you. The key to beating them is to continue your content production.

      I also had this problem when my site was still in this type of stage and it did eventually bypass it and the other competitors.

    • Janelle

      OK thanks. I feel like I am on the right path. I know who my audience is and they are following me on social media. I am just not yet getting the visitor numbers I want. I appreciate your help.


      • Vitaliy

        Focus less on social media engagement and more on content creation for SEO Janelle, then you switch back to social media once your site is more actively getting visitors in search engines.

  4. Paul

    A niche is more than a topic of interest, it is a topic people truly want to research and satisfy a need they have in their own life…it is very personal for everyone…if they feel you care connecting with them, they will trust you…in other words, don’t just blow smoke at them, offer them real value.

    Thank you for the insightful article.

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