How to Get More Traffic For Your Blog. Free Simple, Yet Effective Strategies You Need to Use Immediately!

There are many people who work truly hard on their blogs, take the time to write amazing things and yet, most of them fail to get more traffic because they are unaware of a thing called SEO, keywords and if you are one of these people and/or are about to start writing, once you use the strategies I’ll show you, you’re going to see major increases in your current/future visitor counts and best of all, these strategies are free to use and get you more, free visitors. 

So there’s really 3 strategies that make this thing work and before I explain them, I’d like to point out that I once wrote about websites and getting them more traffic which you may also find useful (here is the article). However, while that one focuses on more “macro” type SEO strategies, this one is specifically targeted for a blog and free traffic, but either way, you may also benefit to read that article as well. 

Alright, so let’s get this started by explaining 3 important factors: Keywords and titles and content.

Keywords are a major driving force when it comes to traffic. Targeting keywords in your blog post that at least a small or even large group of people regularly type into Google is already one major step towards making that post show up for the said people.

The titles are a secondary, though also important factor as once the site shows up for the said browsers, an attractive, engaging title is what draws them into the blog post itself. 

Once you understand these 2 elements, and I mean truly understand how important they are, then it’s just a matter of refining current blogs you have and using these elements for future posts you write to basically maximize their potential reach in Google and attract the most traffic. 

While I will recommend you also take a look at an SEO article I wrote to help you understand the depth of SEO, I will further into this article explain ways to really get these 2 elements down correctly through specific examples.

And the third is content. Writing valuable information is in of itself…valuable. Which is why in combination with the other 2 things, you can make an awesome, traffic generating page. 

This is what Google looks for, rewards you for and gives you that necessary, high ranking exposure to get the traffic.

The 3 strategies your blog needs to use to get more traffic right now:

1) The keyword. It begins in the title.

Remember how I said you need you to target terms people type in masses? Well once you find a term, you need to put into the title. 

This alone is one of the BEST ways to get more traffic. If a person or persons type the same or similar things into Google and a title pops up which has that exact same term show up, guess what? All eyes are going to go to that.

But to truly discover which keyword you need to target requires that you know how to do keyword research. Luckily, here’s a completely free guide I set up to answer that 🙂

2) Usually, you want to write more in the title than JUST the keyword…

Imagine for a second that say…10 people who understand keywords find the same term and write a post on it. Now considering these are the only 10 people who know about this term, Google will now rank all 10 posts on it’s search engine with the same title essentially…

When a person who types the term that is that title basically sees 10 exact same ones, how will they decide which one to visit? This is where we need to write MORE to make our title stand out.

Furthermore, often times the keywords I find make no sense to type alone in the title because there needs to be more context to attract the visitor. It also looks better if you write more. Hence, now I will cover…

How to Write a Blog Post Title:

There are 3 ways to do this:

A) Use the keyword you find as the title itself. It’s not a bad choice by any means, by doing this, you basically let Google know what you want to rank for, but you don’t optimize it for the visitor to see it just as well. Here is an example:

It’s not a term I’d use, but it is one people regularly type. And if you make this term your blog post title, you’ll rank for it and get visitors for it. However just so we’re clear, I used a VERY basic keyword example and in this case, I wouldn’t recommend using it since the term is very competitive. 

B) You use the keyword AND then add more wording to it. 

Now this is where we can make keywords that are competitive easier to rank for. Generally, if you find a term that many people type, often times you’ll encounter the problem of it being way too competitive to rank for.

However, by adding more words to the keyword and even adding other “filler” words as I call it, you can better rank for it AND attract eyes if you run into that issue I talked about where 10 people write the same title. 

I doubt 10 people would come up with that same long title, which is why if yours was like this, it would look better against the 9 others who just used the regular keyword above and ranked for it.

You’d probably get more traffic from using this type of title vs the regular one.

C) You basically follow #2, but mix up the order in which the keyword is in order for the title to look better. 

One thing people, including myself once feared about keywords was that if you found one, it was imperative to keep intact when writing it as the title. This is simply not true with SEO nowadays because a keyword can be written different ways, can mean the same thing and rank the same way. 

For example:

Google is smart, they’ll still rank you for the keyword you really want to rank for but in this case, it’ll just look better for the reader that sees it. 

When I write blog titles with the aim of obviously getting traffic, I use tips B and C.

3) It’s more than just keywords and titles, it’s also content.

In the beginning of this article, I said that a lot of people write excellent content, but fail to rank due to not basically following #’s 1 and 2 for tips. 

At the same time though, one that ONLY follows tips 1 and 2 and writes very little or bad content will also not rank high. Therefore it’s necessary to combine them all.

You will always want to have long, great content that is of about this size in wording and also target keywords.

Now this part I want to address to people who have blogs, have great content, but only now just discovered the whole thing about keywords. Suppose your titles are not targeting them currently, but you have great content. What do you do?

Well just change the title and leave the rest intact. Normally, I am not a proponent of doing this, but if your blog is NOT getting traffic and the title is the culprit, change it.

My final thoughts:

All of these strategies can be used by existing blog owners and ones who are starting a new one. They are all free and WILL work if you follow this format and the other tutorials I have provided you. 

So if you have a blog that is currently not doing well, start making the changes and improvements I eluded to, you will definitely see a positive difference within a month in many cases to your traffic numbers and you won’t have to spend anything to do this 🙂

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  1. Chase

    This has some nice advice, thank you! I liked points a and b specifically because I am still learning about SEO and this taught me a lot about how it works.

    I always held pretty close to the keyword exactly and hoped that being readable to google was enough to bring in traffic, but I can definitely see how important it would be to make it appealing to readers as well.

    I definitely need to work on making my titles more effective at potentially catching multiple keywords at the same time as well like yours do.

    Hopefully I can use this to get my own website ranking better in the future.

    Thanks again!

  2. Scott

    Well this is an eye opener for me. Being new to this I have been using keyword search tools to find low competition keywords for my niche. However, I have been using the keyword exactly as it’s written. Even though as you said in this post that’s ok, clearly I can be more creative with my keywords by adding additional words that make it more engaging to the reader. I didn’t realize Google would still recognize the keyword.

    So let me ask a question. If I wanted to use the keyword “Help for new sales people.” I could actually create a blog post titled “10 tips for new sales people guaranteed to help” and Google would recognize the keyword “Help for new sales people” ?? Thank you for the help and great post!

    • Vitaliy

      Yep that should work Scott. I’d also within your body content add the original term you mentioned in an H3 heading and then get into your 10 tips. It’s not a mandatory rule, but it may also help additionally.

  3. Jaclow


    Getting traffic to our blog post is so important, without traffic the blog is useless and a waste of time.

    Thus it’s very important to choosing the right best keywords to maximize traffic to the site.

    Beside choosing keywords, extending on the keywords can maximize even more traffic and that’s a very smart strategy.

    I will be going back to review my blog post again and make sure I apply your smart strategies. Thanks

  4. Peter

    I just started my website and by reading your article, I realized that I need to change the title of my blog post, they are too generic and I do need more traffic on my website. I am glad I read your post otherwise I would be lost as far as SEO.

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