How To Find Keywords For A Website The RIGHT Way.

Knowing how to find the right keywords for your website is absolutely essential in order for your page to appear in Google’s search and get visitors to it. Most people ignore or just don’t know how it really works, so let this quick tutorial help you out.

Step 1:

Firstly, there is your website. Determine what the topic/niche of your website is. It is that subject that you will be using to find keywords under. If your website is a site which specializes in dog training, you could get keywords like this:

“How to train your dog to stop barking”

“How to get your dog to protect you”

“How to train your dog to sit”

“Dog training supplies”

Notice all of the keywords revolve around the central subject of your website. In reality there are pretty much limitless keywords you could find on any subject your website is under. All it really takes is just your imagination.

Step 2:

Find keywords which MAKE sense. A lot of keyword tools are available which help you determine how many people type it in monthly. A lot of times, certain keywords which make no sense have 1,000s of searches. In order to fully take advantage of those keywords, you need to add something into it to make the keyword actually make sense.

Ex: Workouts women home.

Sort of makes sense, but if you wrote that keyword into the title of your website, odds are most people wouldn’t bother looking at it because it doesn’t stand out whatsoever. Here’s a better idea:

Ex: 5 Insane workouts for women to try at home.

Much more appealing, makes sense and captures interest. If you had 2 websites, both which utilized the keywords above, the second one would likely get much more traffic. Add spice to keywords to create interest and it will improve clickability.

Step 3:

Analyze the TRUE competition of each keyword. Certain keywords have A LOT of competition around them, meaning writing articles or blog posts on them will probably get you nowhere on the search engines.

There are 2 things I personally look for when finding keywords: Competition (1st) & then traffic (2nd). Notice competition will always come first. One of my online marketing teachers Kyle, said this:

“It’s better to find a low competition, low traffic keyword and actually rank under it than to find a high competition, high traffic keyword and never rank for it”. 

How to find TRUE competition for keywords:

There are 4 methods, but I’ll share one with you here (Get all 4 here).

1. Go to Google, type your keyword into quotes (Ex: Your keyword is weight loss, when searching for exact competition, you need to type “weight loss”).

2. Hit search.

3. Go to the LAST page of results and then look at the top left corner where it says “Page (whatever the last page is) out of 347”. The 347 is the # you’re looking for. It is THE EXACT amount of competing pages for your keyword.

So if I typed in “dog training guide”, went to the last page and saw this result: Page 21 out of 247, I’d know the exact competition for my website was 247.

4. If the competing pages for your website is UNDER 300 (100 or less is EXCELLENT!), you can rank on the first page of Google for that keyword.

Confused? Try this tutorial. It’ll make it very easy for you!

Putting it together:

1. You have a website, find keywords which are appropriate for it’s content/subject matter.

2. Use keywords which make sense. Your imagination is the best keyword tool there is! If you need a keyword tool, I would recommend Jaaxy, which gives you 50 searches free and provides accurate traffic/competition data.

3. Determine the competition of the keyword using the method above.

In the end if you want your website to get a lot of traffic, begin by targeting low competition keywords first then high traffic keywords later. Your website/blog/article, ect… will rank for more than just the keyword you are targeting, which brings me to my next point…

Focus more on CONTENT than keywords.

Content is absolute king when it comes to having your website get traffic. Provide good content and search engines will love you for it. It will also keep the visitor engaged on your site and increase the likelihood of them buying whatever it is your recommend or are selling.

Think about the reader first and then the keyword. Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes. If the website is only talking about a keyword and not TO THE READER, then they will leave and you will make no money. Focus on people first and then keywords.

If you are new to making websites and finding keywords for them, I would HIGHLY recommend you read this first. It will help you TONS, I promise.

I can completely understand if you have any questions regarding this tutorial or maybe some idea in mind you need some help with. If that’s the case, feel free to post a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help out 🙂



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