Do Not Neglect Social Sharing When Doing SEO!

social sharingUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you should already know how powerful and influential social marketing has become in the real world as well as online marketing. There are some people who swear that it is the only way to go if you wish to succeed online and in some cases it is true, but I propose a hybrid option: Use it when doing SEO for extra benefits! 

Now using social marketing on your website or blog isn’t difficult at all. There are plenty of plug-in’s available nowadays which automatically add the share button to each of your posts/pages so that people can easily let others know about it. For example, I use: Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share.

The set up is very simple and after that, all your posts will have the buttons available. While there are other social network buttons available, I use these since they are the most popular. I feel that putting up so many other options might confuse people or make them ignore it.

The benefit of social sharing:

1. SEO benefits:

Whenever I write up a new post, most of the time, I’ll share it with my friends on Facebook & Google +. I don’t always get a lot of people re-sharing it, but when I do, it sends search engines signals that my post is getting attention and that in turn increases things like:

  • Search engines indexing. 
  • Improves my authority.

If you have enough likes on your post, it will also GREATLY help your page rank higher on search engines. Having a lot of likes (natural likes, not ones you buy!) shows search engines that people like what you have to say and this only adds points in your favor.

2. The multiplier effect.

Say I have 50 friends on Facebook (yeah I’m not very popular) and when I share a post, if 1 person shares it and they have another 50 friends, that’s 100 potentially new visitors to your site. 

Take into account that if that last person likes what I have to show, then they will re-share it too and their friends could do the same which could lead to vast amount of traffic. In case you didn’t know, everything you like will appear to all your friends when are logged into their social networks like FB. 

In most cases to make the multiplier effect happen, you need to have a “fan base” of people who know you and like what you have to write. That kind of stuff comes with reputation (and popularity).

I recommend adding friends that are interested in your website’s topic or niche. This makes it more likely than whenever you share a post from your site, that those particular people will re-share it too. All of this adds more points to your site. 

I’ve had a multiplier effect happen on a few of my posts that I never even though would become popular. But when it happens, all I can say is enjoy!

3. Social recognition adds to your reputation.

Websites which have a lot of likes, thumbs up are usually more trusted by visitors than ones which don’t have it. Speaking from experience, whenever I do research online and land on a site which has a lot of likes, I tend to be more open to the information presented there in that I naturally trust it more and am more likely to follow through with is written.

If you are selling something or giving people advice on what to buy, having social recognition (a lot of likes) can greatly benefit your online business

One thing you should never do is buy likes. There are a lot of programs/services out there which do this for you to give others the impression you’re popular. This is not a good idea because it’s a fake way to trick people into thinking you’re popular. It’s sad frankly and people who use these types of programs get a lot of fake likes, but usually never any comments/re-sharing. It’s really just a waste of money in my opinion and I also believe it can negatively impact your SEO results if Google finds out.

Are you too shy to use social networks?

This is pretty common among a lot of people who do online marketing. They simply just don’t want to bother with social networks because:

  • They are either too shy/scared.
  • Don’t see the importance in it.
  • Prefer being private.
  • They see this kind of stuff as “spammy”.
  • Or whatever other reason/s.

This is completely normal and in many ways I agree with this mindset. I am not into being popular or having all attention coming my way, and while using social networks when working on your site in the SEO department is VERY beneficial, it is also optional.

But when you are considering whether to do/not do social networking with you site, consider that with it’s influence, you can get much faster results. No one says you have to go out and commercialize yourself with your friends, but by sharing information with people who find it useful, you can propelling yourself into faster success. 

This is why I said earlier, it’s better to find like minded people who share your interest with your site’s subject so that when you do share, you know they’ll likely read it and potentially re-share it with their friends. But again, it’s completely optional to use this so if you’re really too shy, don’t worry about it, although I would give it a try. It’s really not that bad.

At the very least, install the social buttons on your site so that other people can share it too. This keeps YOU from having to manually share your posts, but allows them to do it. 

Final thoughts:

The world of internet marketing has become VERY intertwined. People LIKE to share. 10 years ago, social networking/sharing was NOWHERE near as popular as it is today. But with it’s rising popularity, if you are making websites, you should seriously consider utilizing the popularity & power of social sharing! 

It’s become very simple to do. Literally all it takes is the click of a button! 


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