Can Top SEO Companies Be Trusted By Businesses? You May Be Surprised…

If you’re a small/large business looking to get into online marketing and are looking for the top SEO companies to help you, let me save you the trouble by saying this:

Most SEO companies are NOT worth your time. They overcharge you, and will do things that will end up hurting your website’s rank in search engines. If you don’t believe me, read on, but I want to make this point very clear: 


At the bottom of this article, I will recommend a much safer, completely inexpensive and a nearly guaranteed success approach to get your business tons of exposure and potentially new customers and you won’t have spend outrageous money or potentially damage your site’s reputation either. But before I do…

Here are 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use ANY SEO Companies :


Reason 1: Most SEO Companies “Game” The System And This Is VERY Risky For Your Business:

These companies function by finding holes in the algorithm of search engines, exploiting them and getting sites ranked high on places like Google. They basically try to “play the system” by doing things such as sending your website backlinks, writing up and spinning articles and comments to your blog/site to artificially make it look like your website is popular and has high quality content. However, these tactics are nothing more than a way to game search engines.

So why is this bad?

Because search engines such as Google have already begun recognizing companies who do this as well as websites they do it for! They consider this bad practice and penalize your website.

How do they do it? Well for starters, if you use any SEO services, top or not for your business and are discovered, your website may be Google slapped or worse blacklisted. Google slapped means your website loses all of it’s rankings which means all your visitors will be lost with it and your business will take a MAJOR hit.

If your site is blacklisted, that’s even worse as your website will not even appear on any searches. In addition to that your site is forever be “branded” or red flagged by Google which means if you want to get back up in the rankings, you’ll need to go through a VERY long and stressful process of regaining Google’s trust.

Red flag keywords to watch out for with SEO companies:

For example, I found the following SEO company in NYC below who also sells tons of online marketing services for clients and upon further investigation, I found the same wording and claims which too many times have led to the downfall of websites.

If you see ANYTHING along the lines of these words I underlined below, I would HIGHLY recommend staying as far away from this business:

seo com3

 Here is what they mean by “stellar & quick paced results” and “high profile backlinks”: They send backlinks to your website and provide you with artificial comments (I already mentioned this above). This method at first helps your site rise in the ranks and get traffic, but it will fall eventually if/when you do get caught for using it. If you don’t believe me, read this article on backlinks.

Reason #2: Most SEO Companies DO NOT Know WTF They Are Doing!

I can find plenty of examples of companies who try to rank other people’s websites high on Google as well as their own and DO not get great results. I’ll examine 2 particular SEO companies:

1. Best internet marketing Services. I accidently stumbled onto this company while doing Google searches and upon further investigation saw they know very little about SEO. Here are 2 examples:

seo com1


2. SEO Top Fuel. While I’m not sure about how good/bad this particular company is, I did a little research on it and found that for a particular keyword (low competition by the way!) it ranks on the third page. Though this likely does not reflect the entire company’s SEO skills, when a keyword which should be easy to rank under doesn’t, that should be a sign.

seo com2


Speaking of which, how is it that I can claim this keyword the SEO company is trying to rank under is a low competition keyword? By using a special keyword finding technique that shows you exactly how to find search volumes of keywords as well as their competition.

An argument one can make is that “not all of these companies are the same”. Fair enough, there actually maybe some good companies out there, but I would counter with this argument:

3. A lot of SEO companies charge you way more for their services than is fair. 

Most SEO companies have pretty much the same price range when it comes to their services. The cheapest ones I’ve seen range scamaround $200-$500 a month for services like SEO, PPC, Email & Social marketing. Let me tell you right off the bat that these prices are insane and predatory at the very least. You can make your website successful for much less and even free if you have the proper guidance.

Here’s their MO: Most of these companies search out businesses who know nothing about online marketing, tell them the process of making money online with their business is difficult and to let the “experts” handle it while giving them the impression they are getting a good deal.

Then they’ll bloat your site with backlinks, articles, comments and other artificial things and it will work, at first. Then sooner or later your site will be discovered by Google and will be slammed. 

I’ve even heard stories that once a site is Google slapped due to the SEO company’s methods, the very same place that caused this problem offers (for money!) to remove the backlinks. How absurd is that? They screw you over and then charge you extra to unscrew you. Another reason to stay away from these guys. 

Final Rating: SEO Companies

1 Star Out Of 10 (Overpriced. Outdated marketing methods. I’d say avoid them!)

1 star

Final Thoughts & Recommendations:

I’ve seen many people in all 50 states as well as other countries look for SEO companies to help take their businesses to the internet and make them successful. Again I highly advise against using any SEO services to handle your business online. The 3 reasons above should be enough to sway you away from them.

I’ve personally experienced this problem from what I considered to be a prestigious internet SEO company.  Here’s my story. That taught me a VERY valuable lesson which is: Don’t trust any SEO companies to do for you what you can do for yourself! No matter how much they glamorize their promises and stories, do not fall for it!

How to make your business successful on the internet:

You can reach success with your business through the internet without these places. SEO is NOT a difficult process to understand or use. Don’t let those liars tell you otherwise. I have been in this business for 7 years and know how it works. I’ve made mistakes, but through them I now try to help others from making the same mistakes I and many other companies make.

If you want to make your business successful, you’ve come to the right place. Learn how SEO works in this quick summary right here and utilize it for your website!

Is There ANY SEO Company You Can Trust?

I would say no. I am part of a online marketing school organization called Wealthy Affiliate which taught me everything you need to make a successful business online. They are NOT an SEO company, but they will teach you for a very cheap price how to make your business successful online. They are also free to try. Here is more info.

If you’ve already had an experience with SEO companies, good or bad, please share it below as well as any questions you may have. I’d be more than happy to answer them.

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  1. Tim

    Have you heard of OMG (One Man Gang)? I have heard from reputable people they are for real, but charge $8000 dollars to start because they have a full system. Just wondering.

  2. Wendy

    I agree with what you say. I would much rather learn how to do something myself than pay someone money to do it for me. SEO really is easy once you understand what you are doing. I love that at WA everyone can learn to be successful.

    • Vitaliy

      Thanks for your comment Wendy. You’re right, SEO is easy to understand and do. All it really requires is time and patience.

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